Turnkey IT Event Solutions

  • All Event WiFi solutions come with dedicated broadband and a backup LTE for redundancy.

  • Redundant Firewalls are used to block unwanted content and abuse as well as segregate traffic if video streaming or any other critical traffic type is required to be prioritised.

  • A guest captive portal is designed to provide a professional look and feel for guests to join the network. The specific information that the customer would like to capture from guests can be customised.

  • Advertising and Push notifications via email or SMS to keep guest informed or used for promotional purposes.

  • A dedicated team of engineers are assigned to each event to be onsite and make sure the event runs smoothly.

  • Detailed analytics reports are provided post event as well as the database of guest information that was captured.

Wi-Fi Hotspot or

Pop Up WiFi

  • WiFi For small events or gatherings

  • Mobile activations and marketing

  • Popup learning events

  • VIP areas at events

Event and Conference WiFi

(20 – 20 000 people)

  • Large conferences

  • Sporting events

  • Festivals and Concerts

  • WiFi for Marketing and Social Media teams

  • WiFi for payment solutions that struggle with the GSM signal   

MySky Events Customers

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